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The community we have built is an incredible place that has literally saved lives. We have had a profound impact on the greater Twin Cities, both because of our training studio ExperTease Fitness and performance space Minnsky Theatre. The two spaces are interconnected and interdependent. They feed each other as audience become students, students become performers, performers become audience etc. 

This community is built on love and passion. We founded these spaces based on our deeply held belief that performance, dance, and movement of the body in conjunction with the mind, is the most profound healing and joy filled experience a human is capable of. 

It begins at the studio when a person joins us in moving their body to music, in a positive and accepting communal space (sometimes for the very first time in their life). We laugh, turn, flip, spin and fly together.

Then as we showcase our new found abilities and confidence, we push each other to achieve more than we think possible. That growth shines on stage during the Student Showcases. To be literally in the spotlight, vulnerable in front of your peers, share your story and present yourself in a way that says, "this is me, do you see?" And to then be answered by applause quite literally changes the way a person sees themselves in this world. This has impacted so many people over our eight years. 

Finally as performers grow enough to enter the professional realm, we are happy to provide performance opportunities through our Vaudeville troupes- the Wicked Wenches Cabaret, the ExperTeasers, Cirque De Lune and Minnsky Players.